Rubber baby bib - Toddlerist
Rubber baby bib - Toddlerist
Rubber baby bib - Toddlerist
Rubber baby bib - Toddlerist

Rubber baby bib

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One is all your baby will need. This baby bib is like no other. This one is made of a rubber material which never creases, stains or starts looking like old news. This special bib is also resize-able so now your baby can have his one special bib for all his baby years.

  • IT’S SUPER EASY TO MAINTAIN! AND READY TO USE We wanted to give you a functional bib that’s also easy to clean and maintain. This product is incredibly ergonomic; all you have to do to disinfect it is boil it for 2 minutes (the waterproof material can handle temperatures up to 300 degrees fahrenheit). It’s dishwasher safe or you could even hand wash it yourself thanks to the wipeable material. We always recommend our customers wash the bibs thoroughly before using it for the first time.

  • SAFE FOR YOUR BABY. Our baby bibs are completely safe and FDA approved, and contain no petroleum derivative, which is common in some silicone products. With 100% food grade silicone, it will have no chemical reaction, and won’t affect any food. It’s BPA free and hypoallergenic, this way your baby’s skin is safe from any irritation. Our ultimate goal was to make a baby bib that’s safe and trustworthy and every step we took went towards that goal.

  • COMFORT AND CLEANLINESS. Our infant bib was designed to keep your baby as comfortable as possible, and this approach can be seen in every single feature. From the soft, flexible material that won’t cause itchiness like cloth bibs, to the adjustable neck strap that can be set between 11 and 14 inches around, or tied like string for a more snug fit. Your child will love the yellow color and quirky elephant and hippo characters; and if you have twins this is a perfect matching set of bibs!

  • THE PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT. Be the star of any baby shower or maternity party with our no-mess bib and watch as the lucky mom’s eyes open wide at the sight of this stunning present. With all of the amazing features like the food and crumb pocket, and the stain-resistant material that keeps any baby dry or clean, it’s the perfect gift for any mom-to-be. It’s even great for reveal parties! The cute design of the bib itself uses neutral and unisex colors that boys and girls will love.

Product Specifications:

  • Tops Material: Silicone

  • · Color: 4 STYLES

  • · Department Name: Bibs & Burp Cloths

  • · Dimensions:Baby Pack (0-1 Years Old), Infant Equipment (1-3 Years Old)

 Package Content: 1 piece

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